Anita Harris Art Deco 7″ (18cms)



Anita Harris Art Deco 7″ (18cms) h  Signed Anita Harris.


Anita Harris Pottery is a world-renowned, award-winning studio in the heart of the English city of Stoke-on-Trent. In the studio Anita and Peter work creating what has been described as “Antiques of the Future”. This is a family boutique business and all the artwork is created by Anita and her son Peter alone: offering a myriad of beautiful unique ceramics, each hand made. “When you close the kiln door, you are never sure how the pottery will turn out” . It is that magic fired up by heat, and the passion for creating something as simple and uncomplicated as the clay beneath our feet, become an object of beauty.

Decoration of each piece is unique, with high fired reactive glazes, selected pieces tubed  in gold, and rich lustre glazes being used to maximum effect on these modern day  works of art.






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